Evoque is an influential interaction platform for Journalists & Communication pros.

Prepare for PR revolution!

For Media:



Now, you can find all your communication with Communication and Public Relations professionals in one place. You can start filtering it by brands, topic, whether it’s a pitch or release and much more.









Submit queries

Whether you are searching sources for a feature or full article, now you can submit your query anonymously or under your name, specifying deadline, topics you want to cover and much more.








No more PR spammers

Evoque gives you power to tame PR spammers by giving them warnings or blocking them inboxing you. All warnings received from Media are summed up and visible on PR’s profile within the platform. Think about it as eBay’s or Amazon feedback mechanism. Now lazy PR practitioners won’t get away with sending low quality news in bulk.






Your private notes

Now you can add private notes to PR profile without the need of adding them to your “My Contacts” database.











For Communications & PR pros:



Now you can browse and filter media queries directly from your dashboard. You can also check latest messages received from journalists and bloggers and respond with one click. Want to delegate to-do tasks to your team collegagues? With Evoque you can do that too! That and much more!








Brand newsrooms

Now you can post news releases of your brand on specially created newsrooms. Those newsrooms are integral part of the platform and can be browsed and filtered by media pros based on topics, location etc. If media wants to request more information, they can simply contact you directly via platform. It’s never been so simple to exchange news!





pitchBrowse through media contacts and outlets

Evoque is a huge database of media contacts and outlets, which you can browse by factors such as: location, topics covered etc. etc. Find your perfect media profiles to pitch.






Pitch that!

You can pitch to your saved contacts or find new ones by using internal database called “RIFE”. Each pitch can be no more than 400 characters long, which guarantees to both you and Media person, that pitch will be concise and to the point. If it’s not – you may get warning or block. Don’t spam, do your homework and give relevant news. This way everybody will be happy :)




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