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Yes, we are building our MVP. Many obstacles came along the way but we are not giving up.
Evoque is going to be an awesome, Media industry revolutionising product. You will see! 

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Brief for Media

Attention Journalists and Bloggers!

Finally spam free messages from PR professionals!
  • No more unwanted messages!

    As a media professional, you know the pain of receiving thousands of unrelated emails every morning from unknown PR 'specialists' trying to sell you 'breaking news'. Evoque will help you to filter your messages and highlight only these which cover your current trends. 

    • Find the right sources

      Your job demands from you constantly seeking unique, exclusive sources of the information. Evoque will help you to match people who can add value to your work piece. 

    • Why should you join?

      Evoque is the only way you can control the flow of your messages from Communication 'specialists'. You get the power of controlling reputation of your senders using very strict feedback system. If they misbehave and send you unrelated message, you can 'reward' them by giving warning or block (after 3 strikes).  Evoque it's going to be completely free for you. Forever.  

Brief for PR

Marketers and PR pros!

Establish strong long-term media relations
  • All media contacts and outlets in one place

    You won’t need to buy expensive media databases which easily go outdated. Evoque will allow you to do your homework and quickly find out what your desired journalists and bloggers currently write about and what topics they wish not to be contacted about. You can pitch them directly or you can…

  • Manage your brand newsrooms 

    Position your brand message using topics (just like hash-tags) so media professionals can find it and enquire about the details. You can post clean looking news and attach compact press kit; i.e. latest photo shoots. 

Evoque's main features

for Media professionals

Establish strong professional relations

It's a high time PR & Media pros bury the hatchet and start working with each other in a respectful and efficient manner. Evoque enforces both groups with news quality management tools.

Give PR spammer the reputation he deserves

You are now in control over the reputation of PR users. If he misbehaves and sends you unrelated pitch, you can give him negative feedback, which sums up on his public profile on Evoque. And because PR pros can't afford to lose the chance to pitch here, they will do their homework better before reaching you and other Media contacts.
PS. Just don't be mean for the sake of the nature of the industry :)

Browse brand newsrooms in one place

Gone are the times where journalists needed to jump over many pages to gather all the latest news about desired brand.
Where Facebook and Twitter is not enough, Evoque's Newsrooms allow you to download press kits (i.e. latest photo shoots) or to contact the article's author directly for more information.

Evoque's main features

for PR & Communications professionals

Browse through thousands of media contacts and outlets

Because on Evoque, Media users have control over their profile, you can be sure that the topics they cover will always be up to date. Our search tool will allow you to quickly find targeted medium, based on criteria such as location, topics, medium type etc.

Pitch targeted journalists & bloggers

If you have some exclusive information and prefer not to post it on your brand's newsroom, you can pitch individual media pros using 400 characters max. Be concrete and to the point. Journalists love it!


Manage brand newsrooms in one place

Our BrandSpace™ tools will allow you to quickly publish the latest news about the brands you manage and share media such as photos, embedded videos etc. Your media connections will appreciate no more huge attachments to the email and they will be more willing to check the files easily available in one place. 

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